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  • iPad Selling Drives Results for Chapman Honda
    Download PDF |December 8, 2015|by IntellaCar Press

    At Chapman Honda, in Tucson, AZ, the focus is on creating transparency in the buying process and delivering a better customer experience; this drives both sales and profits. With the help of IntellaCar, their iPad selling system, results have exceeded expectations.

  • Leverage the Power of Video to Grow Sales
    Download PDF |June 15, 2015|by AutoSuccess Magazine

    "By combining videos with the vehicle information our customers are looking for, the iPad selling system makes our entire sales process more effective." Read the powerful story behind this dealership's success.

  • Top 10 Companies to Watch in 2015
    Download PDF |January 14, 2015|by AutoSuccess Magazine

    As consumer behavior evolves, marketing continues to become more diversified and technology continues to increase in complexity. In this complicated and ever-changing environment, dealers are constantly on the lookout for the strategy or solution that will give them a competitive edge.

  • Kentucky's No.1 Honda Store Has Best Year Ever
    Download PDF |December 17, 2014|by AutoSuccess Magazine

    Sam Swope Honda World, located in Louisville, Kentucky, is successful by any definition. They are the No. 1 Honda store in Kentucky in sales, selling 65% of all new cars in their marketplace - regularly outselling Toyota and Ford. This year, they made six million dollars of net profit.

  • Importance of Mobile Sales
    Download PDF |December 17, 2014|by AutoSuccess Magazine

    Mobile technology is now standard for the average consumer; more than 90 percent of adults in the U.S. have cell phones, of which 66 percent of those are smart phone owners. Approximately 42 percent of adults own tablets. The majority of consumers now have the ability to look up anything from anywhere, and that level of information availability has drastically changed the path people take to make a car-buying decision.

  • Penetrating the Millenial Market: The High Tech Way to Sell Cars
    Download PDF |July 16, 2014|by AutoSuccess Magazine

    American Honda Motor Co. recently made headlines by announcing that it is radically changing its advertising strategy to more effectively target young car buyers, with plans to launch its own music-streaming channel and sponsor high-profile music events.  This is yet another twist in the saga of automakers trying to reach the elusive yet powerful Millennial/Gen Y market.

  • Putting the "T" in Trust: Reducing Selling Obstacles Using iPads
    Download PDF |October 16, 2013|by AutoSuccess Magazine

    Lack of customer trust is a common theme dealers face in their stores. In a customer's mind, an ideal purchase is influenced by unbiased opinion, with absolutely no pressure at an unmatched price. It is a reality that customers do not trust salespeople on the front line.

  • iPads Enhance On-the-Job Sales Training
    Download PDF |September 18, 2013|by AutoSuccess Magazine

    For Jim Norton Toyota in Tulsa, Oklahoma, an iPad selling system not only boosts sales on the front lines with customers, but it also ramps up the effectiveness of new sales consultants. 

  • Harness the Power of Online Reviews
    Download PDF |August 21, 2013|by AutoSuccess Magazine

    As online reviews play an increasingly important role in the automotive purchase process, reputation management becomes an essential tool for differentiating your dealership.

  • How to Create a Culture for Mobile Sales Success
    Download PDF |July 17, 2013|by AutoSuccess Magazine

    Mobile technology is now the new norm for both customers and sales consultants. But while dealerships are increasingly incorporating mobile devices into their sales process, it is not always a smooth transition. One store that is doing it right is Daniels Long Chevrolet, located in a busy auto mall in Colorado Springs, CO.

  • Differentiating Your Dealership in Changing Times
    Download PDF |May 15, 2013|by AutoSuccess Magazine

    As inventory and vehicle information become more commoditized, the dealership experience becomes the real differentiator.    An examination of your position and reputation in both your local and extended markets can show you how you need to evolve. There are three key factors that can help you stand out more effectively.

  • Customer-Centric Selling: Drive Engagement to Boost Sales
    Download PDF |March 20, 2013|by AutoSuccess Magazine

    The automotive industry is increasingly seeing a shift from product-focused to customer-centric selling. Where does your dealership fall on the spectrum? Look at your sales process from the customer's perspective.  Does your sales team just go for the close or do they help buyers find the vehicle that's truly right for their needs? The latter approach can have a profound impact on customer satisfaction and long term retention.

  • Seven Must-Have Apps for the Modern Automotive Professional
    Download PDF |March 20, 2013|by AutoSuccess Magazine

    IntellaCar is the ultimate tool for today's showroom consultant. In order to get this killer tool in your hand, you must get your whole store on board (it's not set up for individual use), but once you tell your management about this app, I am confident they will jump on board and you will have access to this amazing tool.

  • Incorporate Mobile Technology Into the Sales Process
    Download PDF |February 20, 2013|by AutoSuccess Magazine

    Mobile technology is a "must have" for every cutting edge dealership, to equip the sales team to meet the needs of today's highly informed consumers. The JD Power & Associates 2012 Mobile Site Study found that 31 percent of in-market vehicle shoppers have visited automotive websites via their smart phone, and over half of those accessed automotive content while physically at the dealership. However, it can be a challenge for older sales consultants to master the best way to use mobile technology during the sales process, especially if they have been successful using more conventional methods.  Gen Y sales consultants have greater ease and familiarity with today's technology, which gives them an edge when selling to younger, tech-savvy customers.

  • What's in Your Sales Toolkit
    Download PDF |January 23, 2013|by AutoSuccess Magazine

    Today's automotive dealerships are understandably focused on the customer experience.  A recent Maritz Research Automotive Customer Experience Payback Study provided hard data to support the long-held belief that stores making an investment in improving the customer experience reap higher profits. And what is happening in the marketplace bears that out. According to the latest J.D. Power & Associates Sales Satisfaction Index Study, customer satisfaction has improved notably vs. the prior year (+13 points), suggesting that dealers are placing renewed focus on providing buyers with a satisfying retail experience, and that they are investing resources toward that goal.

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  • IntellaCar Founders Featured on Automotive Talk Show

    BlogTalk Radio - IntellaCar founders Jim Hughes and Bruce Polkes are featured on this show highlighting new technologies in the automotive world. Discussion about IntellaCar focuses on the multitude of benefits for dealerships as well as consumers, and the groundbreaking approach of this mobile solution.