Proven Results with Sales Teams and Customers

What People are Saying

Dealer Management

"I am finding it priceless in the ROI vs. the cost of the investment"

"This app is one of those ideas that changes an industry, the technology that is demanded by consumers to meet their requirements"

"...eliminates unnecessary steps that we have all learned in the auto business"

"All are enthusiastic and see the benefit of including IntellaCar in our sales process"

"The guys that used the iPad had the customers in closer and interacting more than the guys that didn't"

"IntellaCar is what all progressive dealers will move to if they are smart"

"In addition to our guys selling more cars with IntellaCar, we see a definite lift in their attitudes. They are genuinely excited to show customers the technology, even those that come at 9:50 at night"

Sales Consultants

"I feel naked without my iPad [IntellaCar]...I can't sell any cars without it"

"It's great having a dealership in your hands"

"[The customer] could see the exact comparison, including the dimensions she was seeking"

"[The customer] told me that he has been to 4 dealers and I was the only person who knew about the car and that IntellaCar was really cool"

"The customer was blown away by IntellaCar"

"I went to the delivery section of the IntellaCar app and emailed the customer the Bluetooth and home link videos while he was in the office with me"

"Customers love that you're the expert and you get it in today's mobile connected world"

"Getting the customer involved is so important to the sale. IntellaCar makes that happen quicker"
"Thought it was pretty cool to look up without being at my desk and get the answers needed to make a decision"
"IntellaCar helps me a lot because it is right in the palm of my hand… it expands my product knowledge"
"[The customer] was astonished by the differences because she could see it side by side"
"...helps me personally to build profit in my deals"
"intellaCar helps me make at least 65-70% of my sales"

"I'm amazed at how powerful it is. There's so much in there"


"With the iPad, it's been a real pleasure buying my car…makes it really, really easy, and the transaction a lot shorter"

"I am not tech savvy, but I found this program very easy to use and extremely useful. I learned a lot about my new Prius."
"Neat and very Silicon Valley"
"Great way to learn about my new Tacoma while waiting vs. sitting twiddling my thumbs"
"Amazing. Can I buy this app from iTunes, for my iPhone?"

Video Testimonials



Immediate Sales Impact

After 3 months, IntellaCar users sold nearly 50% more cars per month than they were selling before the test started.

Even new SCs (less than 6 months at dealership) performed above average.

SCs using IntellaCar sold over 60% more cars in Month 3 than in their average month prior to the test.

The SC who was most successful before IntellaCar still saw unit sales increase nearly 25% in his third month of IntellaCar usage.

One new SC using IntellaCar sold 15 new vehicles in the first month alone.